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Toy Story 2
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I didn't like the first Toy Story, and although I gave Toy Story 2 a fair chance, I didn't enjoy it either.

This movie has two target audiences: little kids, and people who are really impressed by fancy animated effects.

I've never been a big fan of animation, and this movie doesn't have any plot either. Woody and Buzz Lightyear, the two annoying main character toys from the original film, are back to further irritate moviegoers. This time, Woody is accidentally sold at a yard sale, and Buzz leads the other toys to a toy store to get him back. But by the time they arrive, Woody has made some new friends and doesn't want to return home.

Audio VersionI know a critic who swears he did not see the end coming in Toy Story 2, but I don't know how you could miss it. Everything is terribly obvious (or at least it was to me). The characters were tolerable for the first five or ten minutes, but they quickly became annoying. And let's not forget the sappy, vexatious music (one toy whines - I guess she's supposed to be singing, but it sounds more like whining to me- for what seems like twenty minutes about a kid who outgrew her toys). Give me a break.

My Rating = One Star

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