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Top Gun



Top Gun
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I can't say enough good things about Tom Cruise. He's sexy. He's a great actor. He makes excellent movies. And this one is no exception.

Cruise plays a military pilot nicknamed Maverick, who is in the top one percent of the pilots, and gets sent to a California base, or Fightertown, USA, as they call it, for "Top Gun" training. Determined to win the top gun award, the cocky young pilot is not exactly well liked by all of his superiors, although he does develop a romance with a female instructor. One of his problems is that his father, also a military pilot, disappeared, and all the information surrounding his death is classified. Most people believe Maverick's father died in disgrace. The tragic death of Maverick's flying partner and best friend, Goose, consumes him with guilt and he considers giving up.

There are a couple amusing scenes where Cruise sings in this movie, and although it wasn't hard to listen to, Cruise is certainly a better actor than a singer. This wonderful movie is sure to please Cruise fans, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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