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Tomorrow Never Dies



Tomorrow Never Dies
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What is it about British actors that makes them so sexy? The accent? Maybe it's the James Bond thing, although Pierce Brosnan is certainly a better Bond than Sean Connery.

Our nineties version of Bond has several advanced gadgets to play with - a brand new BMW designed to do almost anything, and a multi-purpose mobile phone which can be used as a remote control for the car.

Bond smoothly maneuvers his way out of dangerous situations without messing up his hair, and of course, he never loses his cool.

Not even when he runs into an old flame (Teri Hatcher, pretty far from her X-files role) who is now married to the villain, Bond's new nemesis. This wacko actually plans to cause war between the U.S. and China so his big media conglomerate can get the scoop first! And Bond has a new love interest in this movie: a Chinese female spy (and karate expert, she manages to chop-chop her way out of some sticky situations) whom he winds up working with, by the hardest.

Scene after unrealistic scene keeps you entertained, although at some points Brosnan seems to have his movie heroes confused - he's acting more like Superman than James Bond. I mean, he falls halfway down a huge skyscraper, kicks his way through a glass window, and doesn't get any injuries? But, hey, action movies weren't meant to be realistic, and watching Pierce Brosnan as James Bond is especially diverting.

My Rating = Three Stars

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