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Tommy Boy



Tommy Boy
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Tommy Boy is so annoyingly dense, it's humorous. (As I've said before, intelligent stuff just doesn't make you laugh.) Although it started to get on my nerves a little toward the end, it was, for the most part, an outrageously farcical movie.

Tommy, finally a grad student after seven years of college, returns home to work at his father's large but quickly failing company. After his father's sudden and untimely demise, it's up to Tommy to save the company by selling its latest product, a new line of brake pads. To do this, he relies on his talent for irritating people: first he loses a potential customer by setting his expensive model car on fire (to demonstrate what could happen if you don't use his brake pads). In this manner, he continues to lose customer after customer (not to mention nearly drive his uptight colleague mental).

Meanwhile, back at home, his father's new wife (and new heir) and her "son" scheme and connive to get the whole business and cheat Tommy out of his share.

Rent this movie for laughs (the best scene is when a presumably dead deer awakens in the back of Tommy's car, but I won't tell you any more.)

My Rating = Three Stars

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