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Tom and Huck



Tom and Huck
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Walt Disney's Tom and Huck is thoroughly enjoyable.

Tom Sawyer (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) is a raucus, trouble-making youngster who lives with his Aunt Polly and cousin Sam. His friend, a wild boy named Huck Finn (Brad Renfro ), lives out in the woods. One night, they sneak out to the cemetery with a dead cat - to get rid of warts, of course, and they witness a cruel, malicious murder. Quickly, Tom and Huck run away so the murderer won't find and kill them. Soon the murderer is searching all over town - for them. Although Muff (Michael McShane) the town drunk is innocent, he's wrongly accused of committing the murder. Tom wants to help him by telling what they witnessed, but Huck thinks it's too risky. This isn't a dry, historical story - it's amusing, entertaining, and has especially believable scenery.

My Rating = Three Stars

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