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I viewed Titanic for one reason: Leonardo DiCaprio. Even with DiCaprio in a starring role, I wasn't crazy about the idea of sitting through a three hour and fifteen minute history lesson, which was how I saw it.

Okay, I was wrong. This is the most captivating historical-event based drama since Evita (although while I'm comparing them, I will say that Evita was a little better). While DiCaprio is definitely something to look at, the plot holds its own (and your attention), and the scenery and special effects are commendable.

DiCaprio plays Jack Dawson, a poor boy on the disaster-bound Titanic - but of course, he doesn't know it's disaster-bound, the ship's supposed to be unsinkable - who lusts after Rose (Kate Winslet), a rich young woman with an even richer fiance. As it turns out, she is miserably unhappy, and tries to kill herself by throwing herself off the great Titanic, but Jack stops her, and they fall for each other.

As it turns out, Rose may just drown after all, but not by another suicide attempt. The very next night, the Titanic hits an iceberg in the midst of a big blowup between Rose, Jack, and her fiance, who finds out about their affair, and is furious. In a fit of jealousy, he frames Jack to look like the thief of a priceless jewel.

And the band plays on. Literally. Even as the ship is sinking, the band plays sad symphonies on the deck. Meanwhile, people desperately try to get off the boat, but there aren't enough lifeboats. This having happened in 1912, it was "women and children first" - and of course, first class citizens first. Rose gives up a spot on a lifeboat to stay with Jack, whether they survive or not.

I'm not big on romance movies - they all end the same way! - but this one actually had a not-so-obvious ending, and was extremely well-acted. Everyone with half a brain cell knows that the Titanic is going to go down, but you don't know which characters are going to survive, so it leaves you something to wonder about. My only problem is that the movie was too lengthy, but that can be forgiven because it was highly engaging.

I have a feeling that this movie is going to be almost as big an event as the actual sinking of the ship was! I can tell my grandchildren, "I was there when the Titanic movie opened...."

My Rating = Four Stars

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