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Tin Cup



Tin Cup
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Kevin Costner should have skipped the future-wasteland movies like The Postman and Waterworld and made more movies like Tin Cup.

Costner plays a golf-pro living in a small town. His nickname is Tin Cup. Molly (Rene Russo), a psychologist, takes golf lessons from him and, predictably, he falls for her big time. Because Molly already has a boyfriend, she ignores Costner's advances. Soon he decides to go on tour so he can make it to the U.S. Open (in case you don't know any more about golf than I do, that's the biggest golf tournament around). Molly decides to help him with the "mental" aspects of golf, never mind that her boyfriend is also touring with the idea of winning the U.S. Open.

I expected this to be a longish boring movie golf movie, but the reverse was true. The scenes at the U.S. Open became a little tedious toward the end of the movie, but the plot moved pretty quickly and I wasn't bored. Russo and Costner do a commendable acting job, and make Tin Cup a truly laughable comedy.

My Rating = Four Stars

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