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Three Wishes



Three Wishes
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Three Wishes is a totally unrealistic movie that gives the impression that picking up hitchhikers is "safe". In the 1950's a preteen boy named Tom (Joseph Mazzelo) lives with his mother, Jeanne Holman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), and his much younger brother, Gunny (Seth Mumy). (It's briefly mentioned that his father is missing-in-action in the Korean War.) After striking a hitchhiker with her car one fateful day, Jeanne takes him home to live temporarily with her (and her children!) all because he sustained a leg injury.

So the unknown hitchhiker named Jack (Patrick Swayze) becomes part of their family -until his broken leg heals. (No woman would be that stupid, even in the 1950's. Picking up hitchhikers is a dangerous business made romantic in this movie.) And the worst insult to the moviegoer's intelligence is when Jeanne leaves Jack home alone to babysit Gunny.

As the movie progresses, Gunny is diagnosed with cancer. Jeanne gets a marriage proposal from a hometown friend, yet she seems to be falling for the strange hitchhiker who has become like a father to young Tom. What will happen to the boys' real father? Will he ever return home safely?

I've heard this movie called "a safe family movie" yet I wonder about the irresponsible mother named Jeanne.

My Rating = Two Stars

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