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A Thousand Acres



A Thousand Acres
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This is definitely a female movie: When I strolled into the theater, I immediately noticed that there were about thirty people waiting for the movie to start-and they were all women. Not one guy. Just as the previews were starting, an elderly woman dragged in her husband, who wore the look of a death row prisoner being led to the electric chair.

He needn't have looked so miserable. A Thousand Acres was outstanding.

When patriarch Larry Clark tries to divide up his fertile thousand acres before his death, trouble starts. Two of his daughters Ginny (Jessica Lange) and Rose (Michelle Pfeiffer) have lived on their father's farm first as children, and now with their husbands, and they are eager to get their share by forming a corporation. Younger sister Caroline, (Jennifer Jason Leigh) presently a lawyer in Boston, refuses her share. (Remember this was Larry Clark's idea, not theirs.) Caroline and Larry Clark become pitted against Rose, and Ginny. During this fight a lot of nasty family secrets slowly emerge. Ginny and Roses's ordinary lives on the farm are changing fast, and their memories are so profound that the moviegoer won't want to miss a word.

The acting by Jessica Lange, and Michelle Pfeiffer, was wonderful and they rightly dominated the screen. I recommend A Thousand Acres highly.

My Rating = Four Stars

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