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The Thirteenth Floor



The Thirteenth Floor
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I'm not sure exactly what it was that irked me so much about The Thirteenth Floor. The characters weren't annoying (although they could have been a bit more interesting), the plot wasn't blatant or ridiculous (though again, it could have been more interesting), and the special effects were adequate.

I guess I just got bored very quickly in this film, and I became very impatient waiting for the plot to "pick up the pace".

Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko) is a computer research employee whose boss, Hannon Fuller (Armin Mueller-Stahl) has just been murdered. Douglas realizes he is the police's best suspect - and, in fact, he thinks he might really have done it. He can't exactly remember.

This is related to the project he and Fuller were most recently involved with: a virtual reality universe accessed through computers. Apparently, either Douglas or one of the "characters" in this "parallel universe" murdered Fuller. Then again, all or most of the characters are based on "real" people.

Somehow I felt like I'd seen this movie before - and I'm not talking about deja vu. The Thirteenth Floor struck me as a slightly altered version of The Matrix, minus the good actors and exciting action scenes.

Yes, it's that old virtual- reality - versus - reality theme again: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In this case, it doesn't. I just ended up confused and wearied by this film.

My Rating = Two Stars

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