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The book was better, but the movie, Thinner, was certainly admirable, too. Even if it differed quite a lot from the book, it still had that galvanizing StephenKing flair.

Billy Halleck(Robert John Burke) is a slightly crooked lawyer who parks his nice car in front of his nice house in his nice neighborhood. When a band of gypsies come to town, he naturally regards them as "trash", and his uppity rich friends concur. Thanks to them, he gets let off the hook for accidentally running over one of the gypsies (although he was at least partially wrong for not looking where he was going). Now, the gypsy's father wants justice, and he sets about achieving it in his own way: he places a curse on Halleck and two of Halleck's friends. Halleck, who was quite the jolly fat man to begin with, is now losing weight at an alarmingly, expeditious pace. No matter how much he eats, the weight still drops off. One of his friends grows scales - yes, scales; the other develops the worst case of acne on earth. What's Halleck, the so-called "White Man from Town", to do?

Robert John Burke does a marvelous portrayal of a man in the throes of an unplanned but deadly weight loss. He truly appears more emaciated (the makeup was realistic!) as the movie evolves.

Rent this gloriously gruesome, but notably well - plotted, film for a scary few hours.

My Rating = Four Stars

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