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Thelma and Louise



Thelma and Louise
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Thelma and Louise is a terrific, yet somewhat flawed film.

What I liked was the way the story came together, with two slightly off-kilter characters getting themselves into trouble. That would be Thelma and Louise, two very different friends. Thelma is a housewife who generally does what her loud, obnoxious husband tells her to do; Louise is a somewhat older waitress who manages to convince Thelma that she needs a vacation. Soon, they're heading for a fun weekend in the mountains.

But, as you would expect to happen, things start going wrong. Louise lets Thelma talk her into stopping at a bar; soon, they've committed murder. (Louise shot a guy who was trying to rape Thelma, even though the situation was under control and they could have just walked away.) Now, of course, they are fugitives.

My major problem with this movie was the end (quit reading now if you don't want to know what happens). Surrounded by police with no chance of escape, Thelma and Louise drive off the Grand Canyon, thereby committing suicide. What exactly is that supposed to prove? Okay, by that point, they were in so much trouble with the law that they probably would have ended in the electric chair or died rotting in jail. However, this was not a particularly effective finish. By having Thelma and Louise commit hari-kari, the screenwriters left no room for character development, and it seemed they left a lot of issues unresolved.

My Rating = Three Stars

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