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That Thing You Do



That Thing You Do
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"That thing" that Tom Everett Scott does in That Thing You Do - play his drums and look cool - is the entire basis of this movie. Scott portrays a drummer in a 60's garage band called the Wonders. One of their songs, That Thing You Do, has impressed hundreds of people, and has the potential to become a big hit. Tom Hanks - not bad looking himself - plays a record producer who scouts the Wonders and signs them to a contract. Soon they are touring the country and are a smash hit. But are they doomed to be the "One-hit Wonders", never to have another hit? Only time - and the end of the movie - will tell.

There is a subplot about Faye, the lead singer's girlfriend, getting her heart broken and falling for Scott.

The acting is commendable, but what really makes this movie enjoyable is the music. Who wouldn't enjoy a movie with such a catchy tune? This movie came out a few years ago, and they're still playing That Thing You Do on the radio today, despite the fact that it sounds like a 60's song.

My Rating = Three Stars

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