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Teen Wolf



Teen Wolf
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A very young Michael J. Fox stars in this partly amusing, partly annoying horror comedy called Teen Wolf.

You guessed it, he's the Teen Wolf. As the title suggests he starts itching and scratching and eventually turns into a werewolf on the full moon. Of course, he can turn into a werewolf any other time if he wants to. When he transforms into a werewolf on the basketball court he expects embarassment, but his team loves him. Before he was a lousy player - just like his teammates; as a werewolf, he scores point after point for his team. Suddenly he's the most popular guy in high school.

There is a subplot about his friend, who wants to be his girlfriend, but he has eyes for a more popular girl. Still, it's pretty obvious they're going to end up together by the end of the movie.

Unlike the recent American Werewolf in Paris, this movie lacks the element of suspense that a good plot can give, and lacks good special effects. The wolf costumes are so ridiculously fake, it makes you laugh - and this movie is good for a few more laughs, during some random scenes. However, it's not the howling good time I expected it to be, pardon the pun.

My Rating = Two Stars

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