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The Tango Lesson



The Tango Lesson
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The Tango Lesson is distinctly different. Vaguely reminiscent of last year's Shall We Dance, another lovely foreign film, it is spoken mostly in French (Shall We Dance was in Japanese).

Sally (Sally Potter) a movie director and writer, decides to take tango lessons from a considerably younger man named Pablo (Pablo Veron). As you would expect, a romance gradually develops between them.

Meanwhile Sally decides to write a film about tango dancers, and include Pablo in the film. All she has to do is convince Hollywood to make the film.

The dancing is fun to watch and keeps you entertained for a while, but then it grows repetitious and tiresome. The unusual camera angles and plot are also temporarily diverting, but, like the dancing, lose their charm after the first forty-five minutes or so. Shall We Dance was a more enticing movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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