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Taking Care of Business



Taking Care of Business
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In Taking Care of Business, Spencer Barnes (Charles Grodin) and Jimmy (James Belushi) are two completely different people: Spencer is a compulsive workaholic whose wife is ready to leave him for spending so much time at work and so little with her. When he has to cancel their vacation to take a business trip, it's the last straw.

Jimmy is a convict who escaped from jail in order to see the World Series. He just so happens to find Spencer's very important misplaced book, which includes the security code to his boss Walter's swanky vacation home. Oops.

Before you know it, Jimmy decides to kick back and relax at the mansion, and then gets stuck posing as Spencer, which he doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he even goes to a big meeting with Spencer's potential clients - and makes a fool of himself. His clients, however, like him for some reason! Oh, and did I mention that he wastes no time sleeping with Walter's daughter?

While Taking Care of Business is unrealistic, and a bit long, the acting is credible. The plot may not be very original - how many movies have you seen where someone poses as someone else and screws up their life? - but there are some very entertaining scenes.

My Rating = Three Stars

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