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Switchback is your typical, serial murder mystery movie: a fair amount of blood and gore, a twisting but not too complicated plot with a not-too-apparent ending, and satisfactory acting. Definitely not the most horrifyingly fascinating thriller to hit the silver screen, but it'll do.

FBI agent Frank LaCrosse is searching for his kidnapped son, whose abductor is a known murderer with quite a record. He has sent clippings of newspaper articles chronicling his murders to LaCrosse, and despite every attempt of LaCrosse's to locate him, the vicious murderer remains at large.

Meanwhile, a young disgruntled ex-doctor who couldn't take the stress of losing a patient is heading across the country, not really looking for anything in particular, just doing some soul-searching. He hitches a ride with a very likable African-American, who secretly has a very creepy side.

Switchback is engrossing, will hold your attention, worth your time and money, but you may find yourself looking over your shoulder on the way out of the theater. Lock you car before you go in.

My Rating = Two Stars

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