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Oh wow, it's the TV show ER meets the Alien and Star Trek movies - Supernova.

Angela Bassett plays Kayla, a futuristic spaceship doctor who never smiles. She is especially unfriendly towards the ship's captain, a recovering "Hazon" addict. (Whatever Hazon is supposed to be.) Apparently Kayla's ex-boyfriend Luke Carlson was a Hazon addict and she's still bitter toward him.

And that's when they get an emergency rescue call - from none other than Old Boyfriend himself. After a risky hyper jump, Kayla and the crew rescue Luke - and a strange "artifact" he mined from an abandoned planet. This strange, semi-solid, glow-in-the-dark object turns out to be a space age bomb. Yet its other qualities have turned Luke into even more of a creep than he was originally. (Evidently, he's a half-alien, half-human monster.)

Supernova is a silly, unrealistic, ridiculous sci-fi film. It is also rated PG-13, which means it couldn't possibly have enough action and bloodshed to interest anyone past the age of ten. Heaven forbid Supernova should have to survive on plot alone - it is severely deficient in plot and scripting.

Audio VersionBasically, Supernova is a rip-off of several far superior sci-fi films - and a poor imitation at that.

My Rating = One Star

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