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Stroker Ace



Stroker Ace
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Stroker Ace is a movie for fans of car racing, because that's all it's about.

Burt Reynolds stars as a race car driver who runs out of sponsors and has to resort to signing a contract with the "Chicken Pit" restaurant. The contract is roughly the size of a phone book, but he doesn't bother having a lawyer look at it before signing on the dotted line. What an idiot! Now he has to do embarrassing stunt after embarrassing stunt, although he does like one thing about the Chicken Pit: it's PR director, Pembrooke (Loni Anderson, apparently when she was still speaking to Burt). She's a naive Sunday school teacher who actually believes him when he tells her, "I know you don't drink so I brought you some non-alcoholic champagne."

Nothing else in this movie is believable either.

Although there are a few funny scenes, but I wouldn't watch this film a second time.

My Rating = Two Stars

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