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Straight Talk



Straight Talk
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Straight Talk is a film about the capriciousness of radio talk show hosts.

Dolly Parton plays "Dr". Shirlee Kenyon, a recently fired dance instructor whose live-in boyfriend doesn't work and doesn't appreciate her. Consequently, she leaves him and moves to Chicago, where she has difficulty finding a job.

Finally, she manages to secure a job as a switchboard operator at a radio station. While taking a coffee break, she is accidentally mistaken for a psychologist scheduled to begin a new advice show and winds up on the air! The radio station receives so many favorable calls that they decide to keep her "on the air" although she definitely isn't a physician - and her show becomes quite the big hit! But she's lying to her audience - and her new boyfriend, a reporter out to get a story, is lying to her. Will he stab her in the back and tell everyone who she really is? Or will he decide he loves her too much?

Straight Talk was charming, as Shirlee is refreshingly direct and honest with her opinions - which lead to numerous hilarious scenes.

My Rating = Three Stars

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