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The Story of Us



The Story of Us
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The Story of Us is a dull, sluggish film about a fifteen- years married couple who do nothing but fight for most of the film. For this, I could have stayed home and watched my parents argue! (I'm sure everybody knows a squabbling couple - surely you don't have to pay good money to see this!)

Michelle Pfeiffer plays Katie Jordan, and Bruce Willis, whose action-hero image is nowhere to be found here, plays her husband Ben. After fifteen years, their marriage is about to end in divorce. Despite the fact that they bicker a lot, they really act quite civilly to each other, for a soon-to-be-divorced couple. That is a big clue about what is - and isn't - going to happen at the end of this long, tedious, and overly melodramatic tale.

From the previews you would expect this movie to contain some exciting or interesting history about Ben and Katie, but you only see quick snatches here and there - nothing in depth.

The Story of Us doesn't seem to have much of a point. It's obvious where the plot is going, and there isn't much fun in getting there. The few amusing parts of this movie are provided by actors in supporting roles - like Rob Reiner and Paul Reiser - that really have little to do with the main focus - Ben and Katie. (The best part was a scene in which Rob Reiner explains that his butt is really just the tops of his legs. Later, an angry and frustrated Ben tells Reiner to take some bread and "shove it up the tops of your legs".)

My Rating = Two Stars

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