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Stones of Death



Stones of Death is a delightful, bloody horror film that takes place in England, so all the characters remind you of the Spice Girls when they talk.

Which is not to say they're annoying - they aren't, because they don't sing. They do quite a lot of screaming though!

Several kids who live on what used to be an old Aboriginal burial ground start having nightmares - and wake up with strange stones on their pillows. Whoever gets the stone, dies. One girl decides that she doesn't want it to kill her, and tries to figure out a way to stop the curse. It doesn't help that her father built the neighborhood over the burial ground!

Stones of Death is a more or less original concept, and proved to be an intriguing film. The acting was quite decent, as far as horror movies go. Stones of Death is no Scream but it'll do for a scare or two.

My Rating = Two Stars

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