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Stir of Echoes



Stir of Echoes
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I know many people find Stir of Echoes too reminiscent of The Sixth Sense, a similar movie about people with the ability to talk to ghosts. Personally I thought Stir of Echoes was much better than The Sixth Sense, although I'm keenly aware that The Sixth Sense is a big box office hit.

In Stir of Echoes, Kevin Bacon stars as a phone company lineman who doesn't make too much money. His young son is apparently able to communicate with ghosts, but Bacon and his wife don't really notice. (They have never seen any spirits.)

Then, Bacon lets his sister-in-law hypnotize him just to prove that it doesn't work. Unfortunately, it does work on him - a little too well. She "opens" his mind, and soon he is seeing ghosts too. Too bad Sis doesn't know how to reverse her hypnotic suggestion.

At times, Stir of Echoes is strangely comical - for example, when Bacon begins digging huge holes in the yard, in search of a dead body. I enjoyed Stir of Echoes much more than The Sixth Sense mainly because Bacon and the other actors were terrific, and the suspense was intense.

My Rating = Three Stars

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