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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer



I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer wasn't any better than I Know What You Did Last Summer which was lousy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as Julie James, the college student who, in the first movie, accidentally killed a guy in a car wreck, and later covered it up with the help of her friends. A summer later, a killer used a hook to kill two of her friends, leaving only Julie and her boyfriend Ray with the secret (they never 'fessed up to the cops, apparently).

Now, the killer is back. When Julie and three friends win a trip to the Bahamas, they discover that everyone else is already gone because it's storm season. So, they're all alone with a staff of five on this big, scary island...and the guy with the hook is out to kill Julie again!

Sorry, I'm all out of screams. This is just plain stupid. And, just in case the original slasher movie formula wasn't moronic enough, they even mixed in a little voodoo for a supernatural effect. That's right, one of the staff members is a certified witch doctor, complete with bones and skulls and scary-sounding things to say. (One question: Where are the all the little dolls they stick pins in?)

Yuck. The whole thing was a waste of time. Only see I Still Know What You Did Last Summer if you're one of those many idiots who liked the first one.

My Rating = One Star

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