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Stigmata appears to be the first of several end-of-the-world type movies being released at the end of 1999. I've seen previews for other such films, and they all feature a demon, or devil, or anti-Christ who has come to take over the world. Then you've got your hero (usually female, for some reason) who saves the day.

If you ask me, Hollywood would have been better off making doomsday movies about the Y2K bug - I think they'd sell a lot more tickets. But then, people do like cheesy good-versus-evil-gotta-save-the-world type movies - look at how well Star Wars stuff sells.

At any rate, Stigmata is not a fascinating film. Frankie (Patricia Arquette) is a slightly trashy New York hairdresser who doesn't believe in God or religion - yet she is chosen to be a "stigmatic" - someone who receives bloody wounds, representing Christ's wounds on the cross. According to the priest who explains this to Frankie, only deeply devout people have been known to develop stigmata. Apparently, an evil presence is torturing Frankie.

I found Stigmata boring and dull. Although the acting was decent, the plot of the movie seemed silly and overdone. Stigmata certainly didn't hold my attention for long.

My Rating = Two Stars

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