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Stepmonster is a silly, unrealistic, but still somewhat amusing horror film.

A boy who loves comics takes a vacation with his family. His father, an architect who appears physically incapable of cracking a smile wants him to practice the violin and forget the comics. Naturally, he doesn't believe his son's stories of creatures called "Tropopkins", although his stepmother tries to humor the boy. His grandfather encourages him to believe in tropopkins, and suspicious things that look like the work of tropopkins begin happening.

Meanwhile, there's a subplot about his mother - she was presumed dead after an accident although her body was never found. His father remarried six months later.

Stepmonster held my attention but lacked originality and got a bit on the corny side after a while. However, the acting was good (the guy who played the father must have had his face frozen into place in that stony expression!) And, after all, how scary can a horror film be when it's rated PG-13?

My Rating = Two Stars

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