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OK. When I paid at the box office I was informed that Steel had taken in less than a hundred dollars the day before. Upon walking into the theatre, I saw all of four people, not counting myself. I did not let this sway my opinion ; still, Steel stinks.

Shaquille O'Neal plays James Henry Irons (give me a break), a superstrong weapons expert in the military. He introduces a new, peaceful method of warfare : a gun that shoots out infrasonic sound waves (below the range of human hearing)that can bring down buildings and stun people, but causes no bodily harm. An over ambitious colleague sets the gun at maximum power, which it was not supposed to be tested at yet, and, promptly brings down the house-literally. Irons' girlfriend, Sparky, is trapped under a rock and paralyzed. As a result, she becomes depressed, despite Irons' attempts to cheer her up. Meanwhile, the weapon is secretly put out on the streets. Irons sets out to get it off the streets, and stop violence and crime in general.

By the time it reached that point my dad was snoring and he snores pretty loud, or I would have been asleep, too.

I understand that Shaquille O'Neal fans and younger kids might enjoy this movie more than I did; let them. This movie is just not for me.

My Rating = Two Stars

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