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Starship Troopers



Starship Troopers
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Starship Troopers has little coherence, less plot, and barely adequate special effects, which not only don't make up for the lack of plot, but actually make the movie worse.

Apparently, sometime in the future earthlings became aware of a dangerous alien race of giant bugs, the arachnids, living on another planet. When the arachnids send a meteor to earth and destroy the city of Buenos Aires, several college students who joined the world Federation's "Force", or army, go to war against the arachnids. Romances occur between a few of the force members, the main characters. Most of the movie is slime, gunfire, and swearing from then on, as the humans battle the arachnids. It was so predictable, I saw the end coming almost before the movie began!

The worst is all the cliche lines said in this movie, such as "Don't die on me," and "It sucked his brains out". Such unoriginal scripting made me think that the writer must have had "his brains sucked out!"

Unless you're a big fan of lousy movies, don't waste your time or money.

My Rating = One Star

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