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Star Trek: First Contact



Star Trek: First Contact
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Star Trek: First Contact takes place in the twenty-fourth century, where earthlings now have time travel. Unfortunately, so does an evil, alien race called the "Borg". The Borg, who are part-robot, part-human, and about as friendly as a crazed killer on Prozac, want to stop earth's first contact with other, nicer, aliens. Both the Borg and the Federation (the people from earth who work on the Starship) travel backward in time. To stop the Borg, the Federation must make sure a brilliant scientist, Zephran Cocheran, launches his shuttle into space. Cocheran's friend, Lily, winds up on board with the Federation by accident; Picard recalls earlier experiences with the Borg that may either help him save the day, or just make a bigger mess out of things; the Borg hop on the ship for a battle with the Federation (at this point Data, the human - simulating Android, realizes that he is experiencing anxiety and Picard suggests he deactivate his emotion chip ); then Data is kidnapped by the Borg. First contact with the friendlier aliens? What will happen to Data, at the mercy of the Borgs?

It was intriguing watching this movie and finding out what was going to happen to earthlings, and Data, at the mercy of the Borgs.

Earthlings' technology was out of this world - literally! Their holodeck, time travel, and other modern luxuries make our laptops and cellular phones look like pieces of junk. In comparison, people living in 1996 look like naked cavemen running around grunting unintelligibly. Actually, in comparison we look like we're still in the beating-our-chests-and-eating-bananas stage. I was very impressed, not just with the movie but with what future generations may be doing.

Definitely drop whatever you're doing and rent this sensational Star Trek movie!

My Rating = Three Stars

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