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Richard Dreyfuss stars in "Stakeout", a semi-funny film about - what did you expect? - a stakeout.

Chris (Dreyfuss) and Bill (Emilio Estevez) are two cops staking out the home of an escaped criminal's old girlfriend. (They think he will try to contact her). Five minutes after saying he hates his job, Chris catches a glimpse of the old girlfriend, who happens to be beautiful, and enthusiastically exclaims, "I love my job!"

In what he claims is an attempt to gather evidence, Chris poses as a phone electrician and snoops around her house. And, incidentally, falls for her. She apparently likes him too, and before you know it, he's dating her! Naturally he has to hide this from his police chief boss - and hide his real identity from her. In one scene, he winds up disguising himself and running from the cops!

Stakeout is laughable for a while, but gets tiresome and dopey. Dreyfuss's acting isn't bad, but this certainly isn't his best performance.

My Rating = Two Stars

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