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Splitting Heirs



Splitting Heirs
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Splitting Heirs is a wonderfully senseless comedy about two people who are mixed up at birth.

Henry Thomas Butterfly Rainbow Peace (yeah, that's his name all right) is the son of a British Duke. As a baby, his brainless hippie parents forget him in a restaurant. By the time they return, he has disappeared, only to be found a few days later.

About thirty years later, Henry, who has been raised as an American, becomes the Duke after his father's death. His friend, Tommy, secretly discovers that he is the rightful heir, not Henry (the wrong child was returned). Tommy is told by a lawyer that he won't have much luck proving he's the rightful heir, but if Henry were to have an untimely death, Tommy might get to be Duke anyway, so everything will keep running smoothly. Of course, Henry's friend Tommy would never try to do anything underhanded like kill Henry off, would he? Oh yes he would! (He also sleeps with Henry's fiance, and kills off several innocent people in the process of trying to nail Henry.)

Splitting Heirs is a delightfully funny comedy, although some parts are just a little too daft to be believable. Comedies sometimes stretch things just a little too far. I prefer movies that are closer to being believable than Splitting Heirs. All in all though, I enjoyed Splitting Heirs and recommend it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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