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Splash is one of those annoying movies that takes a fairy-tale element, modernizes it, and gives the actors nothing to work with.

Specifically, Tom Hanks, an unusually excellent actor, can't even save this movie. He plays a recently - dumped boyfriend who goes to Cape Cod, even though he can't swim. Naturally he almost drowns and is saved by a beautiful mermaid. Yeah, right! Finding his wallet, she decides to follow him back to New York, where she is promptly arrested for walking around naked. (Apparently mermaids don't wear clothes.) She shows the cops his wallet and they call him; he rushes to pick her up and takes her back to his apartment. She doesn't stay put for long, taking his credit cards and heading for Bloomingdales'. And the fool is madly in love with her. Too bad she can only stay five days, or she'll never return to being a mermaid.

Her experiences in New York, never having been around civilization before, are funny at times, but the plot was too far-fetched and obvious to hold my attention for long. This was definitely not one of Hanks' better movies.

My Rating = Two Stars

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