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Spice World



Spice World
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Call me a victim of publicity hype, but I loved Spice World", and I'm not a big fan of the Spice Girls!

As you probably know, the Spice Girls are a real life singing group from Britain, who star in a completely fictitious and unrealistic but, nonetheless, entertaining movie about themselves. They travel around England on a huge bus, the interior of which looks like something your imagination might conjure up in a weird dream: ridiculously large shoes lie on the floor, stuffed toys all over the place (they belong to Baby Spice), bright colors splash all over, as do lots of wacky outfits. In one hilarious scene, the Spice Girls stop the bus so they can go to the bathroom in the woods. It turns out they meet space aliens, who came down to earth especially to meet them. Yeah, right!

This movie reaches a crescendo of stupidity formerly reached only by Jim Carrey, and your options are pretty black-and-white: Crack up laughing or risk losing your sanity. I chose the first option, and actually came out of the theatre exhausted from laughing so much!

My Rating = Four Stars

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