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Don't make the mistake of watching Speed 2 before viewing the original, Speed, which is much better.

In Speed Sandra Bullock takes a frenzied bus ride she'll never forget. Jack, (Keanu Reeves) a conscientious cop jumps from a speeding car onto the bus to inform its startled passengers that there's a bomb on the bus. A criminal who apparently doesn't realize Jack isn't after him pulls a gun, and the bus driver gets shot. That's where Bullock jumps in to save the day - by grabbing the wheel and doing some really bad driving. As she confesses to Jack, "I had my license revoked for speeding.

As it turns out that may be a good thing, because if the bus goes below fifty miles per hour, the bomb will go off. Jack has to communicate by phone with the rest of the police force as well as the mad bomber (Dennis Hopper) while she screeches around corners. Before you know it, they're falling for each other (of course in the second movie, you find out that their relationship totally didn't work).

Speed provided nail-biting suspense, and great action scenes - although some of them just weren't believable. (The "flying" bus scene where the bus jumps a fifty foot gap was hardly believable, but tantalizing, nevertheless.) The acting by both Bullock and Reeves was skillful, plus Reeves is definitely nice to look at.

My Rating = Three Stars

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