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What a piece of trash! Actually, trash isn't a strong enough word , but they don't allow profanity on the net , so just take my word for it , it's a rotten movie. People shouldn't pay to see this movie; they should be paid to see it.

Spawn is about a Satanic cult headed by a short, fat, bald guy with a painted face. So, the superhero named Spawn arrives - to save the world from the Satanists. (Not much of a plot)

Also included in Spawn are a lot of special effects, which don't make up for the obvious lack of plot. And, it's totally disgusting. In one scene, the devil's fat servant eats a piece of pizza crawling with maggots. (Glad I passed on the popcorn.)

I wouldn't take little kids to this excessively violent movie - to tell you the truth, I wouldn't take anyone to it, period. I even managed to get my dad to walk out, and he'll sit through any piece of garbage.

My Rating = One Star

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