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The Spanish Prisoner



The Spanish Prisoner
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The Spanish Prisoner is a twisted, complicated film starring Steve Martin in a horrifyingly straight and serious role.

Martin plays a crooked businessman who pretends to help an inventor. He (the inventor) designed some sort of process that many companies want. The company he designed it for is trying to rook him. Meanwhile, a female coworker keeps coming on to him, and he keeps rejecting her advances. She does, however, turn out to have pertinent information about the people who are apparently after him. Thanks to some photos she took, he now knows that an FBI agent was watching him on a recent vacation. He contacts the FBI, but later finds out they weren't the real FBI agents. Still with me?

I didn't care much for the confusing plot, and Steve Martin just isn't entertaining as a serious actor - he didn't crack one joke in the entire movie! There was little suspense because the plot was too hokey and hard to understand! At one point or another, just about everyone appears to be a bad guy!

My Rating = Two Stars

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