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Space Jam



Space Jam
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The "kid's" movie, Space Jam, makes you want to jam cottonballs into your ears and fly into deep space to escape. Sure, it's a safe movie for little kids - no foul language or violence - but does that make it entertaining? Anyone over eight years old is liable to be miserablely bored.

The story is about basketball/baseball player Michael Jordan's kidnapping by Loony Tunes. Yeah, right! (Kids my age (13) will also be disgusted by the lack of ingenuity on the part of the screenplay writers. WHERE do they come up with this stuff?) The Loony Tunes need Jordan to help win a basketball game against a camaraderie of terminally stupid, little creatures from outer space. If that doesn't make you want to hurl your buttered popcorn , wait till you hear the best part: The stupid space creatures steal the talent of five other NBA players by sneaking into a basketball on the court and turning into giants who now totally outclass the Loony Tunes.

Rent this for your young children - but leave the room quickly.

By the way, it's also gender based - boys who idoliize Michael Jordan are going to be much more interested in this movie than most girls will be.

Unless you have a little one begging to see it,skip it.

My Rating = One Star

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