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Space Cowboys



Space Cowboys
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When I saw Clint Eastwood's last film, True Crime, I suggested that Clint keep his shirt on in future films (he's just too old and wrinkled to show so much skin). After seeing his latest film, Space Cowboys, I have another suggestion - Clint should keep his rear end covered too. And that goes for his three costars, including Tommy Lee Jones. In my opinion, the scene where all four old geezers are butt-naked was really unnecessary.

And if those were stunt doubles for the stars, then some less realistic looking stunt doubles were in order!

Aside from my complaint about Clint Eastwood's exposed derriere, Space Cowboys actually turned out to be a better movie than I expected. Although I'm not a big fan of geezer comedies (Out to Sea and The Odd Couple II bored me), even I laughed at some scenes in Space Cowboys.

Eastwood and Jones are two of four over-the-hill former astronauts who are asked to fix a very old satellite. Eastwood cooks a deal that the four of them fly into space to repair the failing "bird". (An old enemy - and two-faced liar - at NASA opposes the idea, but finally agrees. If you ask me, his character would have made a great politician.)

Space Cowboys isn't the best comedy I've seen, but it does prove quite comical - and the jokes don't just appeal to older audiences, which I appreciated.

It's good that Space Cowboys manages to be funny, because as a drama it fails. The plot is too predictable (plot spoiler ahead). When one of the aged astronauts learns he has inoperable cancer, you know he's the one who will sacrifice his life for the mission. You also know that the female NASA engineer who works with the astronauts will start a May-December romance with one of them.

But if you just want a good laugh, Space Cowboys is probably a good bet - even if you're not a senior citizen.

One more thing about Clint Eastwood - he's too old to be playing a fifty-nine year old. I know he's at least seventy, and he looks it.

My Rating = Two Stars

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