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Soul Food



Soul Food
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Soul Food, a movie about family feuds and Sunday dinners, is pleasingly candid and funny, yet it also has its serious scenes.

Ahmad (Brandon Hammond) wants to keep his family together after Mama Joe (Irma Hall), his grandmother, has a stroke and falls into a coma. But, all his relatives do is fight, and fight. His mother(Vivica Fox) and Aunt Teri (Vanessa L. Williams) argue constantly because his mother stole his father from Teri years ago. In the meantime, no one is particularly fond of Aunt Bird's (Nia Long) new husband, Lem, (Mekhi Phifer) because he served a prison sentence for robbery. When Teri mistakenly thinks Lem beat Bird up, she sends their cousin to beat Lem up, and Lem gets arrested again during the ensuing bar brawl. Then Teri finds out that her husband, Miles, (Michael Beach) is having an affair with her cousin, Faith, (Gina Ravera), who no one liked anyway.

Still with me? Although it sounds confusing, the movie continues without a lag to its somewhat unrealistic ending.

The acting was excellent, and there's enough depth, and charm in this "family-feuding" movie to make it impressive.

My Rating = Three Stars

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