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Son in Law
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Pauly Shore's comic genius does not fail him in this off-the-wall comedy, Son-in-Law about - you guessed it - a son-in-law.

Country girl Rebecca (Carla Gugino) leaves her family and boyfriend behind to attend college miles away. As if she wasn't in for a culture shock already, she meets Crawl (Pauly Shore), a screwball who makes every other punked-out freak you've ever seen look like a shining example of good grooming. Before you know, it, Rebecca, is his new best friend, and has cut and died her hair, acquired a tattoo, and become very accustomed to city life.

Then she goes home for Thanksgiving - with Shore in tow - and when she realizes that her old boyfriend is about to propose, she suddenly gets very nervous. Apparently, she's not quite as devoted to him as he is to her, and she's definitely not ready for commitment. So she announces that she and Shore are engaged (which they're not). Of course, her already shell-shocked family can't get any more devastated than this. Her mother, being a mother, asks if she's pregnant, then when Rebecca says no, her mom demands hysterically to know just what is going on. Dear old dad decides to see if Shore can handle running a farm, and things get even more laughably ridiculous. In one scene, Shore is asked to kill the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, and does so by literally scaring the turkey to death. Or so he thinks - it later comes back to life and everyone has to chase it around the kitchen.

You get the idea - it's Pauly Shore's usual brand of humor, and I find it amusing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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