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Sometimes They Come Back...Again



Sometimes They Come Back...Again
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Inspired by and intended to be a sequel to Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back, this typically disgusting horror picture manages to hold a great deal of entertainment value. And it survives on more than just special effects: the acting is commendable, and the plot, while certainly not the most creative I've ever seen, is just new enough to keep you thinking, and prevent you from figuring out the ending in advance.

After his mother's sudden death, psychologist Jon Porter (Michael Gross) returns to his hometown with his daughter Michelle (Hilary Swank). Intending to look over the house he's inherited, get his mother's affairs in order, and leave shortly, he becomes a little sidetracked by the wacky characters in town, and a few "ghosts" from his past. The unclear cause of his sister's death years earlier, and the truth that only he knew, begin to trouble him, and the local teenager who has become Michelle's new love interest bothers him further. Two rather strange teenage girls also befriend Sarah, and the incredibly stupid yard boy provides comic relief.

This movie kept me very entertained with its lively, spooky pace, good acting, intriguing subplots, and even the eerie background music added to the movie's ambience.

My Rating = Three Stars

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