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What Soldier, a space age war movie starring Kurt Russell, needed, was a bunch of slimy aliens.

Russell plays Todd, a highly trained soldier who, because of the fact that he was practically raised in a lab by mad scientists, behaves more like a robot than a person. Soon enough, he and his comrades are replaced because some other mad scientists have genetically bred a new group of soldiers. Thought to be dead after a "training accident", Todd is dumped out with other "waste" onto a waste disposal planet. There, he finds other inhabitants, while the new soldiers prepare to land on the planet and make sure no one is living there.

Like I said, if this had been more in the vein of the Star Trek or Alien movies, it might have been agreeable. But what's the point of putting a bunch of people on another planet if all they're going to do is fight each other? They could do that right here on Earth! This is nothing more than a bad action movie in outer space.

My Rating = Two Stars

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