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Snow White: A Tale of Terror



Snow White: : I saw the G-rated Disney version of this children's fairy tale when I was three, and although I have only a very vague recollection of it, my mother swears the poison-apple bit scared me so much that I refused to eat an apple for months.

Snow White: A Tale of Terror, this R-rated horror movie version didn't scare me anywhere near as much, but it certainly offers much more in entertainment value!

Sigourney Weaver, one of the best horror movie actresses around, stars as beautiful Snow White's wicked stepmother of course - and she's really wicked! Time and time again, she jealously and savagely attempts to murder Snow White - to no avail. At one point, Snow White escapes to the woods and is found by some dwarves - and you should see these dwarves! Forget Sleepy and Sneezy and Dopey and all the rest - these dwarves are tough biker-type guys (this takes place in the sixteenth century, yet they wear leather jackets) and only one of them is an actual dwarf. Snow White falls for one of them nonetheless, quickly forgetting her boyfriend back at home - and her wicked stepmother, who still wants to kill her.

Weaver was somewhat better in the Alien movies, but she's creepy enough in this movie, and I was thoroughly entertained.

I was expecting a little bit more blood and gore too, but sometimes subtle can be spookier.

My Rating = Three Stars

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