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Snake Eyes



Snake Eyes
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Although Nicholas Cage does an admirable acting job in the movie Snake Eyes (sorry, it doesn't measure up to his previous movies Faceoff or City of Angels), it kept my attention.

Cage plays Rick Santoro, an Atlantic City cop who is into gambling, cheating on his wife, and slacking on his job. In contrast, his good friend Major Kevin Dunne (Gary Sinise- who was excellent in his supporting role) takes his job very seriously. Unfortunately, Dunne slacks off during a wrestling match - and wouldn't you know it -that's when the Governor gets shot. Consumed with guilt - or so he seems- Dunne panics. Fortunately, he's got his buddy Santoro, a first class liar, to help him out.

But when Santoro investigates, trying to find a woman that he overheard having a suspicious conversation with the Governor right before the shooting started, the plot becomes twisted. In fact, it became downright confusing in a few scenes, but at least it wasn't boring!

The ending was surprising - I honestly didn't see it coming. Snake Eyes may not be as thrilling as Faceoff, as touching as City of Angels or as funny as Trapped in Paradise but it's certainly worth viewing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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