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Smoke Signals



Smoke Signals
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Surprisingly, Smoke Signals, an independent film that received almost no publicity, was thoroughly gratifying.

Victor Joseph (Adam Beach) and Thomas Builds-the-Fire (Evan Adams) are two Indian kids who grow up on a reservation. Thomas lives with his grandmother because his parents were killed in a fire when he was a baby. (Victor's dad saved Thomas.) When they were about ten, Victor's dad left (his wife threw him out because she wanted him to stop drinking).

Now Victor and Thomas are in their late teens, and Victor has to claim his recently deceased father's ashes in Arizona. Because his mother doesn't have enough money to send him on the trip, Victor has to borrow money from Thomas - and take him along.

Smoke Signals, an original and unusual story, was not only engrossing, but also marvelously performed.

Another movie critic - whom I seldom agree with - had recommended Smoke Signals, and I was delightfully impressed.

My Rating = Three Stars

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