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Small Soldiers



Small Soldiers
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Small Soldiers is a live-action version of Toy Story with saltier language and more violence. It is slightly easier to sit through (I literally slept through part of Toy Story).

The Small Soldiers are, of course, action figures who come to life. They were designed with a special computer chip that makes them respond to stimuli - in other words, "these are toys so smart that when kids play with them, they play back". They even kick their way out of their packaged boxes. Yeah, they've got a mind of their own and soon go to war with each other. Okay. Sure, whatever you say. Never mind the fact that no computer - or computer chip- has ever been designed that can equal human thought and intelligence.

The first few minutes of this movie were actually amusing - ruthless CEO's and money-hungry toy designers make for some good dialogue. But when the toys go home with kids and start fighting each other, that's the end of the fun.

And what is the target audience for this film anyway? You'd think it would be aimed at the little-kid audience like Toy Story was - but it's rated PG-13 and would probably be too strong for kids that young. And anyone older than ten or so is going to be bored out of their skull - so who do the filmmakers expect to make money from with this movie?

My Rating = Two Stars

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