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Slums of Beverly Hills



Slums of Beverly Hills
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Slums of Beverly Hills was, sadly enough, the best movie that opened this week (as compared to Ronin and Urban Legend.

I have to say that at least Slums was short, if nothing else. It doesn't seem to have much of a point, and at the end I found myself saying, "That's it?"

Vivian (why anyone would even give a fictitious movie character that name is no clearer to me than why my parents gave me that name) is a teenage girl in the seventies. Vivian, along with her father and two brothers, moves frequently as her father doesn't work - he gambles - and generally mooches off relatives. In this case, it's Uncle Murray, who will pay their rent in a nice apartment if his daughter lives wit h them - and if they manage to keep her off drugs. (She soon confides in Vivian that she's pregnant by her aspiring actor boyfriend Danny).

While there are some funny scenes in Slums of Beverly Hills there isn't much substance, and it was disappointing. In short, it's probably worth seeing, but only if you pay matinee prices.

My Rating = Two Stars

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