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Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow is an interesting, if not entirely fascinating horror movie set in the 1800's.

Johnny Depp plays a New York City constable sent to the small town of Sleep Hollow to prove that logic and science can solve crimes. The crime in question involves a ghostly headless horseman who chops off people's heads. A few witches and ghouls are mixed in there too, for good measure. Christina Ricci plays a young woman who warns him of the headless horseman and gives him a book of spells for protection. Naturally, he falls for her - but he also suspects she may be a witch, casting harmful spells on him.

I noticed that Johnny Depp looked a lot paler than any of the ghosts, witches, ghouls, and other "unnatural" characters. Hey Johnny, get some sun - you're looking worse than those dead people!

Speaking of unnatural creatures, their depiction of witchcraft is silly, unrealistic, and, at times, totally disgusting - the scene where a witch chops off a bat's head was actually much more worrisome than the scenes where people had their heads hacked off. After all, people can defend themselves - those poor bats can't. Not to mention the scene where a raven's feet are chopped off for another sacrifice - I was pretty angry with these so-called witches by the end of Sleepy Hollow. Forget the headless horseman - I thought the witches were worse!

Audio VersionAs for the plot itself, nothing spectacular happened, although Sleepy Hollow held my attention and had many entertaining moments. At one point, Depp actually sees the horseman himself - then he becomes terrified and illogical like the rest of the town's residents. It is quite amusing to see him in a near hysterical state over an entity he claimed could not exist as anything other than flesh and blood.

My Rating = Three Stars

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