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This proves that Stephen King is not only the best novelist I know of, but also the best screenwriter. Pardon me for gushing, I happen to be a big King fan, if you haven't figured that out already.

The "sleepwalkers", half-ghost, half-phantom creatures, have come to a sleepy little town in the guises of a high school boy and his mother. To survive they must kill and eat his new girlfriend - who is more resilient and feisty than she looks; Also, although their backyard fills up with cats - they must avoid cats, whose scratches are deadly to sleepwalkers.

Oh, this is good stuff. King never fails to be gory, gruesome, and gleefully startling in the Sleepwalkers. and the metamorphosis from boyfriend to monster - and back, and from mother to monster - and back is terrific. If you have missed this movie (it isn't as well known as The Lawnmower Man or as recent as The Shining) you should rent it today. But only if you're not chicken. This movie is not for anyone who's scared of cats, can't stand the sight of blood, or is just plain wimpy.

My Rating = Three Stars

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