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Six Days, Seven Nights



Six Days, Seven Nights
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Six Days, Seven Nights has a predictable script, one-dimensional characters, and a ridiculously obvious ending.

It also has Harrison Ford. Need I say more?

Yes, Ford is what makes this film enjoyable, as Quinn, a tropical island pilot who "likes to keep his life simple". With his not-so-faithful but beautiful girlfriend, it is simple - until Robin Monroe (Anne Heche), a vacationing magazine editor, asks him to fly her to a nearby island. Under last minute pressure from her boss requesting that she direct a photo shoot, Robin reluctantly agrees. Her boyfriend (David Schwimmer) has just become her fiance, and doesn't like her leaving, but she assures him she'll be back soon.

Maybe not. Quinn takes off in bad weather, and they crash-land on an island, badly damaging the plane. The radio is fried so they can't call for help, and they have only one flare to shoot if a search plane should fly overhead. So, it's just like the old hypothetical, "If you were trapped on a desert island..."

This provides some good comic relief and a few enthralling action scenes, but not much else.

Well you know what happens next. Despite their differences, Quinn and Robin, being the only two people on the island for an indefinite amount of time, fall for each other. Of course, Robin's fiance and Quinn's girlfriend, safe on another island, sleep with each other the first chance they get.

If you ask me, these people all deserve each other! When - don't read any further in the unlikely event that you haven't already figured out the end- Quinn and Robin end up together, you have to wonder how long this whirlwind romance is really going to last. I'd like to see a sequel, Six Days, Seven Nights 2: Six Months Later.

My Rating = Two Stars

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